Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The first steps into real japanese


Last sunday I started doing sentences.

I still have some trouble with katakana, but carefuly following the rules of writing kanji to write katakana makes them easier to remember.

At first I opened the first chapter of "luck stealer" manga. I found it reaaally hard to read. The lack of kanji and the excess of slang made me realize reading what would be "hard texts" for those that did not have done Heisig would be more apropriated for me.

So I forgot it for a few moments and started to browse trought dictionaries. I first checked out sanseido, then yahoo. And I was lost. So I decided: The first thing I have to get used with is dictionaries.

I started to pick random sentences from the interface of the dictionaries, started with the options in the search field.
The next few hours made me realize how great yahoo japan japanese to english (eiwa) dictionary is. It gives little definition to the words, but it does provide a LOT of sentences.

So I started to put these on my SRS (now I'm using anki). If there was a word I did not knew (pretty much everyone by until now), Id search for it in the dictionary and put more sentences with it.

After putting 70 sentences, I started to drill them. I did some during the sunday. And some during the monday. I'm impressed on how my japanese sense improved just from these 2 days.

I feel like kanji is something totaly different from what I was thinking of it.

Finishing the sentences, I decided to try something different. I went to JLPT 4 vocabulary list and choose 2 words that I tought would be very useful: ageru (raise) and iu (say). I did ageru first. yahoo dictionary presented me about ~50 sentences for it. I choose some simple ones first, than I would only chose sentences that had at least 2 kanji I could not read. After that I did the same with iu, but with iu there were much more sentences to add.

I got reallly impressed on how interesting were this sentences. They are adult sentences (I mean adult japanese, not erotic japanese), with a lot of kanjis and heavy gramatical structures, with a lot of vocabulary. But they are somehow interconnected.

I plan to drill them starting today. Wish me luck.


alivin70 said...

Can you post the link for Yahoo dictionary where you find sentences?


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