Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tae Kim's japanese grammar

If you are living on planet earth and have been trying to study japanese trought the internet, you must've already checked Tae Kim's guide to japanese grammar. It is very comprehensible, with great examples, and with a nice coverage.

So last week I got a pack of sentences from Tae Kim's guide and imported to anki. There were about 800 sentences. It made me see that these would do great good to my japanese. And the were very easy to read. Why 'were'? Because the pack had a few mistakes and I got afraid of picking something wrong in such a crucial stage that is the beggining so I trew them off my SRS. Too bad. The sentences were great.


Alyks said...

Hey, I found this article you might like on collecting sentences:


Kris said...

Where did you obtain the Tae Kim sentence pack?

phauna said...

You can get it here: