Saturday, December 13, 2008

Reading the News (2)

I'm far from understanding the news by audio sources. I'm doing it 2-3hours/day during weekdays. But it seems I need to listen to it more.

But I'm managing to get close to 100% understanding in from written material. Yes, it takes a while, I need the dictionary for it, but it is working.

And thanks to the news, my joyo count is raising quickly without extra effort again.

Reading and listening to the news is convincing me that the major obstacle of learning languages is vocabulary. It is simply a huge task. Way too many words. Grammar is not simple, but it fits for itself as you start to acquire more and more vocabulary. 

Learning a vocabulary of 10.000 words, 30 words/day, takes a lot of time. And during that time, you'll have plenty of time to practice the other aspects of the language.

Lastly, the joyo count for today:

The 2465 seen cards in this deck contain:

  • 1615 total unique kanji.
  • Jouyou: 1482 of 1945 (76.2%).
  • Jinmeiyou: 31 of 287 (10.8%).
  • 102 non-jouyou kanji.

Jouyou levels:

  • Grade 1: 80  of 80  (100.0%).
  • Grade 2: 159 of 160 (99.4%).
  • Grade 3: 196 of 200 (98.0%).
  • Grade 4: 186 of 200 (93.0%).
  • Grade 5: 172 of 185 (93.0%).
  • Grade 6: 165 of 181 (91.2%).
  • JuniorHS: 524 of 939 (55.8%).


Alyks said...

I was laying in bed, not sleeping, and I was thinking about this a little.

The biggest obstacle for learning a language is simply time. Math:
I do an average of 30 new cards a day, a couple have more than one new word and a couple have no new words. So let's be modest and say that's 25 new words a day I learn.

That means in four days I've boosted my vocabulary by 100 words. By that measure it takes 40 days to get 1000 new words, 400 days for 10,000 words. Not to mention the passively learned vocabulary.

But the thing is, vocab is something that builds on it's self. The more you know the easier it is to acquire new vocab, the easier it is to remember new vocab, etc. Eventually it will get to where you have to search for new words, and this will happen before you reach 10,000 words. Won't that be great? We've probably already got near 2000 words under our belts, it will take us about a year to get to the 10,000 word goal (Then we'll start talking =]).

igordesu said...

Whoa. That's so awesome. I've also started AJATT, but I'm still only going through RTK (700-ish now). I'm always worried that I won't ever start understanding Anime, dramas, or the news to a decent level for like two years. BUT, your blog is awesome. That's so awesome that you've only been going since april. And you've only been doing sentences since July. Yet, you understand so much with ANIME and whatnot. That's awesome. Wow, man. You've given me much motivation.