Friday, January 16, 2009

Vacations, more or less.

No, this is not a post to excuse myself for not using a SRS again. I'm still using it daily. I have not skipped a review since my last post. I'm just adding fewer cards.

5 days ago, my Haruhi Suzumiya novels arrived, and I'm reading the first volume. I'm doing 3-4 pages and watching/listening only 1 houre of japanese for day only. I'm only adding sentences for the words I want to know really baddly, so it means only 4-5 new sentences/day.

The great thing is: I'm doing fine!
I can read these novels without much effort, for laizure. And I'm loving them. The plot is really nice and all, but these novels have something that really impressed me:
The ultra long sentences it cointains. It is one thing that until now I ignored and I'm still not used to it, so it is gonna be great training.


Alyks said...

Yay Mentat! I more or less do the same thing now anymore. I read books/manga/news/websites/whatever and it's only when I run into a word multiple times or has a reading I want to remember that I put in a word. My daily sentence load dropped as much as yours did, but my reading skyrocketed.

Anonymous said...

Good job, that's pretty impressive! I personally held similar plans of purchasing light novels once I felt confident enough to try buying stuff from an online Japanese store. Though I guess I'm not much of an adventurous type; I dread the thought of attempting to communicate with the (often) near mechanical and unhelpful nature of online stores in general... plus, I can't say I really know of any stores with decent shipping rates to Brazil yet.

But I digress... Anyway, your post was really encouraging in the sense that it made me somewhat feel like the Japanese culture is more easily accessed to this country than I originally thought (assuming you didn't have to pay for an outrageous shipping fee anyway). Which leads to my question: If you don't mind answering, could you possibly tell me where you bought the Suzumiya Haruhi Light Novels? And how much was the shipping fee for everything? Thanks in advance, and good luck on your quest to master the Japanese language!

Emilio Wuerges said...

Hi, I bought from

The shipping was not free. I paid $2,99 per item. Normal books in the neighboring bookstore would cost around $20,00 so it was not really that expensive.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's not a bad price at all... thanks for the info, it was really helpful.

さて、お互いに日本語の勉強に頑張ろう。 じゃあな!