Thursday, May 28, 2009

First light novel completed: 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱

Yo, I completed my first light novel: 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱

I started it 西暦2009年1月16日, so it been ~130 days. It has ~300 pages so it has taken me 2.3 pages per day.

I kinda expected more from myself. I could have done it much faster.

I was that slow during the beginning chapters, during my vacations, then I got slower. Then I stopped. Then I started to read it again and all I know is that only this week I read more than 50 pages (the end is quite exciting) until I finished it.

My reading pace totally change while reading the book. In the beginning it was a mental exercise. It took a while, but it finally turned into leisure. I noticed that observing my sleeping pattern. At first, when I read during the night, I'd lose my sleep. This also occurs quite often when I do programming or play a mental game like go at night: I totally lose my sleep if I perform a task for which I need concentration to complete.

But lately It has not been affecting my sleep anymore. Actually it helped me sleep, like when I read English or Portuguese before going to bed.


Ah, and the Joyo Stats of this week have a new twist. I've submitted a patch to anki to put the stats for the New Joyo list. Here is how it looks like:

Kanji statistics
The 3805 seen cards in this deck contain:
2257 total unique kanji.
Jouyou: 1935 of 1945 (99.5%).
Jinmeiyou: 47 of 248 (19.0%).
New Joyo: 95 of 191 (49.7%).
180 non-jouyou kanji.
Jouyou levels:
Grade 1: 80 of 80 (100.0%).
Grade 2: 160 of 160 (100.0%).
Grade 3: 200 of 200 (100.0%).
Grade 4: 199 of 200 (99.5%).
Grade 5: 185 of 185 (100.0%).
Grade 6: 180 of 181 (99.4%).
JuniorHS: 931 of 939 (99.1%).


chochajin said...

First of all congrats :)
It's still too early for me to read a light novel, I guess.

A quick question: How did you get anki to show these stats? Is it difficult to set up? As far as I know there's only a plugin for the JLPT kanji progress?!

Emilio Wuerges said...

I submitted a patch to anki and it was accepted.
These stats will be available in the next anki version.

Anonymous said...

You're always going on about how everything is a breeze, I thought you finished Haruhi ages ago! I thought you were reading other books too... Anyway, congrats. Finishing a whole book in Japanese is a good feeling, huh?

Emilio Wuerges said...

Now I'm reading the next Haruhi book, the first Guin Saga and the first Juuni Kokuki.
But my main focus have been the news, because it is much easier to get and audio version and it also informs you about Japan and the world.

ana said...

Oi, desculpa perguntar, mas onde você comprou 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱? ou você baixou em algum lugar? XD obrigada