Wednesday, June 3, 2009

AJATT quiz

Recently the following thread appeared in forum.

I felt compelled to answer.

1. How many facts (production and recognition are only 1 fact) do you have in your SRS?

3937 seen facts, 482 unseen. Taking off RTK.

2. What sentences have you and are you putting into your SRS?

Half from dictionary, about ~200 are names., others are from
anime/dorama/newspapers. I have not kept track of data.

3. Do you do production (audio/hiragana to kanji) and/or recognition (kanji to meaning) or something else? Is there an order (eg production and then recognition)?

I do only recognition. My cards are full kanji, I have the readings
and Japanese definitions in the answer field.

4. Do you use any kind of special techniques when you review an item with your SRS? eg. dictation, role playing etc.

The movie method for unknown readings. I use no special review system for it.

5. How many cards on average do you add to you deck per day? Or if life is getting in the way of this, once things settle down how many do you intend to add per day?

At total, 8.5/day. With peaks of 80 cards/day and valleys of no cards at all.

6. How much exposure (immersion) to Japanese do get (or intend to get) on average each day or week? In what form?

3-4 hours/day.
Mainly from anime, doramas, Jmovies, newspapers, 2chan, 知恵袋, etc.

7. Describe your level including any strengths and weaknesses.

I can read the news, but I can't decipher them only by listening.
I can read light novels, but I need the dictionary much more for
them than for the news.
I've took 5 months to read one light novel(ハルヒ涼宮の憂鬱),
but now I'm at 30% of my second one (十二国記), after 1 week.
I can read almost anything from Internet, with an
occasional dictionary lookup, but I can only type simple posts.
I can understand understand some doramas perfectly even without Jsubs,
but there are still doramas than I can't understand even 30%
and I can't speak much more than I can write.
Same for anime.
I'm playing trough FFIV remake for the DS with almost 100% understanding,
if you take of the hiragana items.

8. Are you satisfied with your progress and the techniques you are using?

Quite satisfied. The only painful part is the SRS review time.
Adding news sentences is fun.
Currently I only read, watch and listen things I like.

9. Are you satisfied with your level?

Nope. I'm not even close to my goals.

10. How far do you want to go with Japanese?

Native-like ability for listening, reading and writing.
Strong oratory skills.

11. How confident are you of getting there?

Strongly confident.

12. From when you started adding items to your SRS, aside from your process evolving bit by bit, are there any major things you would do again differently if you could?

I'd like to try the movie method instead of RTK.
I'd avoid rikai-chan. It is more addictive than cigar.

13. How long have you been studying?
13 months, ~15 days.


Tibul said...

Always find it interesting to see peoples stats on how there doing with there language learning, I've gone and filled in the questions also at my site.

Looks like your doing really well wish I had switched to more native like material early on might have had a better ability like yours.

Nick said...

Just stumbled across your blog on my search for more writing on Japanese by other learners.

Found this very motivational, as it's where I hope to be in a years time.

Anonymous said...

don't feel discouraged about the anime/drama comprehension. I'm not sure if you have the same problem I do but for me I understand 80+% on whatever given episode of drama/anime but i just dont' realize because i can't"hear" it (my listening hours aren't enough) like when i relisten to any ep i'm like oh i do undersatnd a lot of it why didn't I get it the first time around.

Anonymous said...

by listening I do this:

it's efficient~

Anonymous said...

don't stop blogging, emilio,this is a valuable learning resource for people everywhere!

much thanks.