Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The secret to speech

When I find out I'll tell you!

I new reached a stage that even thought pronunciation is super easy, my speech ability is still very weak. But I do I feel it improves a bit everyday, even without virtually no effort. So I just keep doing what I always did.

When I'm closed in my mind I can speak what I want, but when I face a real opportunity I simply can't maintain the pace. I can't come up with words at the required speed. Like an iceberg, the words are there, but very little shows up on the surface. I'm afraid of doing mistakes or I feel ashamed of what I might say.

I feel what I need now is not really output training, it is social interaction.


Steve Kaufmann said...


It is a long road. Don't put pressure on yourself. Enjoy every moment when you are communicating. Notice your gaps and look for them in your reading and listening. And one more thing. You are probably a lot better than you think you are.

Starsquid said...

Yep, that's the only way to get talking. You kinda have to force yourself even if it means struggling in the beginning, ganbare!