Thursday, November 26, 2009

How much words someone needs no know?

"Native speakers' vocabularies vary widely within a language, and are especially dependent on the level of the speaker's education. A 1995 study estimated the vocabulary size of college-educated speakers at about 17,000 word families, and that of first-year college students (high-school educated) at about 12,000."

Source: wikipedia


Source: Japanese wikipedia

My translation:
"When completing  6 years of age, children have a vocabulary size of around 5.000 to 6.000 words. At 13 years old it is 30.000+. At 20 years old, it is around 45.000 to 50.000 words, according to the result of the research."

I'd say these numbers are pretty consistent with what I read before.
For some reason, Japanese vocabulary is larger than English's. Maybe because it is easier to learn new words in Japanese, after you know the language well enough?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Japanese vocabulary size

Well, I made this test:

And got these results:

The size of your vocabulary is 27000 words.

中学生レベル: 2万~4万語。
Mid schooler level: 20000~40000 words.

Yes, yes. I like to believe in everything that says good of me.
If you know another japanese vocabulary test, please send me!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

French project progress (2)

I listened to a bit more French this week. Basically I started to watch Ange et Demon twice.
I now know how "danger" sounds more exactly. =D

Btw, the title of the movie is quite intriguing. In the English dub, it is Angels and Demons.
Why in French it is not Anges et Demons, like it would be in Portuguese or Spanish:
"Anjos e Demônios" and "Ángeles y Demonios", respectively?
It is funny. I kinda understand it, the pluralized version sounds icky. I just don't know it exactly.

Monday, November 2, 2009

French project progress

Answer to the last comment: My French is going slow! Same for Mandarim.

I recently noticed that my last post was misleading.
The trick sentence is "Ok, after French I'm now going for Mandarin". This could give the impression that I actually learned French, but that is not the case. I'm just taking it slow. Once a week I listen to 1 hour or 2 of French. Maybe a bit more. 

For instance, yesterday I watched the move "Decalage Horaire" with Jean Reno and Juliette Binoche. Btw, I strongly recommend it. It was a very nice movie. 

I watched it half with subtitles, half without. I could understand a few complete sentences already hearing for the first time, but its not something substantial. 

I'm more around the "catch a few words" phase. I still simply can't process half of what I hear. I still can't identify some sounds as words. French sounds are still not natural for me.

For instance, the word "danger" meaning danger =D. Right now I can't remember if it is more like "donger" or "danger" or "denger".

Ah, I started making sense of some things, like when verbs end with "i" its the past form. But I'll worry more about this later, I'm still not ready for it.