Friday, December 18, 2009

Human Rights Declaration in 100 languages

Awesome page from librivox:

Quick Guide to learn any language effectively, enjoyably.

1) For 3 months, listen to the target language.  Audio books, Movies, Music.
- All you have to do is pick up one word here and there.
- Don't use the written target language in this phase.
- Translations are OK.

2) Learn the basics of the writing system.
- Memorize the alphabet/hanzi/hangul/whatever.
- Alphabets and syllabaries should not take more than 2 weeks to learn.

3) For a few months, try to learn as many new words/day as possible.
- You need about ~2000 words families.
- The faster you do it, the better.
- Mine these words from real, authentic, native targeted material.
- Prefer transcriptions of audio you have already listened.
- Also use Books, Comics, Articles, etc.
- Use Flashcards to memorize words within sentences.
- Translations are OK.

4) Forever, listen and read to the target language.
- Now on, translations are evil.
- Use only monolingual dictionary definitions in the new Flashcards you make.