Friday, November 21, 2008

AJATT youtube videos and Success in listening

I'll comment about this video:

Somewhere in this video, Katz talks about 4 levels of listening.
Here they are:

1) You pick up the sounds that exist in the language and the sounds that don't exist in the language. You cannot understand anything. Everything sucks.

2) You can sometimes pick up a few words. It feels great to hear the words you know. And later on, to learn what the words you heard really mean while reading. It sucks because you cannot understand complete sentences.

3) You can sometimes pick up whole sentences, not only words. Sentences from the beginning to the end. It sucks because you need so much effort to understand so little.

4) The situation has changed. Sometimes you cannot understand a word or a setence. You are getting used to understand more than you dont understand. It sucks because you still don't have the complete understanding. You turned yourself into a spoiled brat.

My comment: What I wanned to say is what Katz already said. It sucks all the time. If you stop because it sucks, well, you'll stop sucking, but you'll stop learning. All you have to do is hang on. It'll work out by itself while if continue doing your parallel studies.

And, for the records, I wanned to register that I finaly feel like I achieved the lvl 4.
I watched the episode 07 of nodame yesterday and I think I understood about 95% of it.
There is still so much that I can't understand, but I'm already more used to understand than to not understand.

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Jon 'Cra-Z' Mahoney said...

That's for putting the 4 levels in writing. I like you're comment at the end. :-P "You'll stop sucking, but you'll also stop learning."