Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New, blank anki deck + New anki kicks ass

I just created a new, blank anki deck. I still have my old one somewhere, but it's been some time I don't open it anymore. There still vocabulary I'd like to use anki to learn so I threw that out and created a new one.

Btw, new Anki ROCKS!!!
This new reading generation system + furigana is AWESOME.
5 stars of 5.

Also I read the first volume of Kimi no Todoke. Even if you don't like Shoujo manga (like me) it is very entertaining. I give it 4 stars of 5.

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Alex Elkholy said...

I did this too, and I feel totally refreshed. I can concentrate on the kanji and science I put in there for now. When I get back into sentences, I might have to try a different approach to make sure the workload doesn't get too heavy.