Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Game Recomendation: Demon's Souls for PS3

A cheesy game, with a cheesy title. But a hell of a game: Demon's Soul it is.

Recently I got this game and at first it was a pain because althought it is a Japanese game, it is completely dubbed in English. It has no Japanese audio.

But the game is really interesting and really, really hard and it really got my attention completely during the last 2 weeks. Half because the game itself and half for reading these strategy guides from the internet. In Japanese, of course.

For Demon's Souls, this is the best:

The sad thing is that I beat the game today =/
Now I need something else.

Btw, anyone knows what is the equivalent of gamefaqs for Japan?

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郡山愛麗子 said...

As far as I've been able to see, there isn't any huge searchable FAQ database like GameFAQs in Japanese... however, there are some 'wiki'-type websites which tend to host a lot of fan-written FAQs. However, there are several of these sites all over the place, so your best bet for finding them is to search in Google:
"The game's name (in Japanese), wiki"
and you'll get a ton of these wiki-site FAQs. Here's one I found for Demon's Soul just by entering "デーモンズソール wiki"
The game looks interesting, by the way... wish I had a Japanese PS3 here to check it out! ;)