Monday, September 20, 2010

Prefer to only listen the second language during the first 3 months

In this post I explicitly said "Don't use the written target language in this phase".

Well, scratch that.
What I really wanned to say is "prefer listening over reading during the first 3 months".

There are 2 reasons for that:

1) The number one problem of language learners in the beginning is that they worry too much about not being able to understand spoken language.

Step 1 was designed to erase that completely.

Extensive listening during the first stage of learning a new language is a liberating experience.

It frees you to enjoy the language as stress free as possible: By effortlessly listening.

2) Learning the target writing system when you already know the sounds of the language. This makes learning languages with weird phonetics and cryptic writing (such as English) much easier.


B-Speak said...

When you give up understanding what you hear, you actually begin to understand some parts. This is when it gets interesting.

JC said...

I think this depends. When I was learning the Bengali language, I found reading much easier when the books used transliteration. I found listening overwhelming at the beginning. I thought that by listening I would be able to pick out words I knew here and there and over time everything would make sense. It didn't work like that and I finally found it easier to just read at the beginning.

Lyon said...

This is actually a logical approach because that is essentially what we do as infants until we truly have a conversational grasp of our native language.