Friday, August 15, 2008

First impressions on extracting sentenes from anime.

Yesterday I started mining sentences from anime karaoke openings. It was very fun.

It was very easy to pick the animes to check the openings. I already had a few favorites of myself, but it would not bother to check for some more. One thing is that anime fans are usualy not quiet people, well, at least not quiet in the internet. They like to discuss what is the best of any category of anything that has a thing to do to anime. And they have built various lists of top anime openings.

I already had Macross Frontier. Today I got three more: Chobits, Oruchuban Ebichu and Ouran High School Host Club.

My first impression on lyrics, and one thing a friend also commented with me is that they are partly nonsense. So here is my balance of sentences, for now:

Macross frontier: 14 sentences.
Chobits: 5 sentences.
Oruchuban Ebichu: 5 sentences.
Ouran: 15 sentences, but most from the ending, not the opening.

Macross has many many songs. I only collected sentences from only one, the first opening. But for the other three I pretty much exausted them.

This raises a problem. Tought sentences from openings are valid and mining them is fun, they are few. Gladly I have a hundred more series to check out!


phauna said...

I'm not sure lyrics are a good source, they are kind of unnatural language. It's better to mine from conversations in the anime itself.

Alyks said...

Agreed. But I don't think anime conversations are good either unless you can be sure of what they're saying. What I'm doing is getting a bunch from Tae Kim and my textbook, just to get a bit of grammar out of the way. I opened up a manga and found it was a lot easier to make out what was going on after a bit of grammar and verb study.