Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raw Anime and Doramas

Yai, before this posts, I'll do some bragging.

I read the first two chapters of One Piece and Claymore without recurring to the dictionary.

And the preface and first chapter of


Now on raw anime. For 2 weeks already I'm watching only raw Anime and Doramas. That means, audio in japanese with no subtitles at all. There are some dialogues I understand 100%. There are some that I cant understand even 10%. But it is getting better!

At first I could not understand the most basic things. Those things that I knew I could understand reading, I could not while listening. But everyday practice helps a lot.
I AM getting better at this!
I rewatched some old chapters and I noticed I could understand more and more, everytime I watched them again!

What I took from this is: Watching subbed anime is good for getting used to the sounds of japanese, but will help you little to understand it. It is not worth as "study time".

So, I'm making a promisse here: I wont ever, ever again watch japanese media with subs.
Well, taking off when I'm watching it with friends, of course.

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