Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sentences: any will do fine

When I first started with this thing of sentences, I was very worried on how to find them. It looked that it would be so much of a hasle.

Now I know. Any sentence is fine.

The problem is you. You have to understand what you are mining, but not completely. You must know your strenghts and weakness. You gotta check yourself every week and know where you are strong and where you need to work on. And use your strenghts to help your weakness.

That is the beauty of RTK. Not knowing kanji was a serious weakness. Ignoring it was even worse. RTK made of my weakness my strenght and now I use my kanji power to guide my vocabulary, my grammar understanding, my pronuntiation.

So, in my last self avaluation, I got a low score on particles. Reading trough RevTK forums. ( I found out that some guys are working on a book called All About Particles. Google books has the first chapter of it and I fell in love with the book instantly.
It was made for AJATTers (just ignore the romanji).
It ilustrates the use of "all" the particles used in japanese trought sentence examples, full of kanji, providing hiragana transliteration and a loose english translation.
So, I ordered the book:

I have not written yet on "loose translations", but they rock. That's one of the reasons I like yahoo japans dictionary so much. Loose translations are a way for you to get the "feeling" of a sentence without translating every element of the original sentence. So, for properly understand the original sentence, you'll have to resort on reflecting over the original one.

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