Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Japanese names

It's been hard to find new kanji in texts. Vocabulary never ceases to appear, but kanji is kinda different.

So, I started to tackle names.

Japanese names are interesting. I'm not sure how it is yet, but it seems there are many different ways to write the same name so I'm not intending to be able to do that. I just want to be able to read them, even without 100% accuracy.

You may call me a cheater again but I fixed a file with the names of a few hundreds of japanese writers and just imported them in my deck.

Kanji Stats:

The 3100 seen cards in this deck contain:

* 1931 total unique kanji.
* Jouyou: 1724 of 1945 (88.6%).
* Jinmeiyou: 46 of 287 (16.0%).
* 161 non-jouyou kanji.

Jouyou levels:

* Grade 1: 80 of 80 (100.0%).
* Grade 2: 160 of 160 (100.0%).
* Grade 3: 200 of 200 (100.0%).
* Grade 4: 199 of 200 (99.5%).
* Grade 5: 185 of 185 (100.0%).
* Grade 6: 180 of 181 (99.4%).
* JuniorHS: 720 of 939 (76.7%).


Nick said...

Hi there! I'm also learning Japanese right now, and I love Kanji! I was wondering how you keep track of your kanji count... any ideas?

Also I co-write this blog with other multilinguals at talkwiththeworld.blogspot.com
Feel free to drop by and share your language learning experiences.

Emilio Wuerges said...

I only count the kanji that is in anki deck. I just cut and paste anki statistics.

usako said...


Tibul said...

Interesting I'll probably do something similar when i reach a higher point in my Japanese I also considered learning Japan city/town names etc as they will be good to know when i visit Japan for a year

Emilio Wuerges said...

Wikipedia has a good list of cities and Tokyo neighborhoods.
Memorize the main train stations also wouldn't be so bad. =D

Keith said...

Use this quiz:
516 Japanese Family Names to study names starting from the higher frequency names.

Emilio, you left a comment on my blog but I think you put it on the wrong post. You could copy it and put it in the right post and delete the one from the wrong post.

Anonymous said...

uh... there'sthose homophone crap like kossori, pottsun to, etc. there's so many of those.. so

Keith said...

Emilio, I notice you have not reposted your comment. I hope I have not upset you.