Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, all I can say is that I already  can speak a little of Japanese. 

I have not put it on trial yet, but I plan to do it soon.

Until now, the only interactive output I had was chatting on the net, only for a few days, months ago.
I stopped because I noticed that it had no effect on my Japanese. Just reading and listening were working very well.

But now something is changing. I'm talking with myself a lot in Japanese lately. I do not do it actively. 

I do it without noticing. 

Btw, this made me recall that before I could speak English, I ranted with myself the same way I'm doing with Jap now.

It started without form. At first there were only sounds. But these sounds kinda fit into each other. Lately these sounds are becoming words. For now, it feels that I'm fooling myself that I can speak Jap, but my hope is that these grunts will become proper speech.

Input before output. But maybe, the time for output is near.

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Alyks said...

Funny, I feel like I can speak a little bit also. The other day I even said something and could immediately tell that it sounded weird.

We're awesome.