Monday, July 6, 2009

Finished Jump Ultimate Stars, for nintendo DS

Today I finished Finished Jump Ultimate Stars, for Nintendo DS. That means, I got all characters, played all the scenarios in the story mode and reached all the objectives for each of them.

It is a fighting game, but it has a mission description for each stage, that requires understanding. Character names and skills are all written in Japanese. But the most important is that the game is addictive. Specially for this last one, I strongly recommend it.

One of my favorite characters in the game is Allen Walker, wich I knew it was from D.Gray-Man, but I never watched it. Now I'm doing it. It also seems like a nice series. I still not recommend it, but definitely try Allen when playing Jump Ultimate Stars.


Carolina CG said...

envy you so freakin much! How long did it take you to know all that japanese?

You're my japanese learning guru.

Emilio Wuerges said...

I started in April 18th, 2008.
It's all written from the start in this blog. Everything that I did or did not.