Thursday, February 5, 2009

Learning french from the perspective of a portuguese/english bilingue

I started listening to lots of French today. One might try and do the same expecting to get the same results. For that, I'll leave here a disclaimer.

At the time, I can speak and listen both english and portuguese at native level. This gives me a huge advantage for learning French. I have an impression that 95% of French vocabulary is cognate or with English or Portuguese. The grammar has a lot in common with both languages and pronunciation has a lot in common with Portuguese.

If one starts to learn French only knowing English, he might have much more troble with vocabulary and pronunciation than me. So be more carefull.


Edwin said...

Well said! I agreed with you very much. Literacy is part of fluency. One cannot say his is fluency in a language without being able to read in that language. The habit of reading needs to be cultivated.

Edwin said...

Sorry, my above comment was for your previous post.

As for this post, I would say 95% is a bit too high. Perhaps 50% is more realistic.

Emilio Wuerges said...

Thanks for your comments.
For English alone it would be around 50%. But the words that are different from English resemble to Portuguese words. Then it's probably much higher than 50%.

maaku said...

Pretty much all words in French are from a Germanic (i.e English) or Latin (i.e Portuguese) root, so I'm not surprised.